Simple Ice Fishing Tips To Become A Pro

Ice fishing can be a really exciting time-killer. If you are an avid angler, you would want to sit around the entire day and catch lots of fishes. But, if you are new to ice fishing, then you must have some knowledge about it in order to become a pro. It is not about having the latest instruments or expensive fishing rods that make you a great angler. It is the knowledge about the fishing techniques that help you become a veteran in this field. So, here are some of the best ice fishing tips that you can follow:

Understand The Fish Movement

Fishes move differently in shallow lakes and bigger lakes. In shallow lakes, they tend to move shallower because of the limited oxygen supply. On the other hand, in larger lakes, they generally go anywhere where there is food or shelter. Since there is plenty of oxygen in larger lakes, they do not have to swim in shallow waters. When you go ice fishing, try to go at a time when the lake is either getting its first ice of the season or its last. These are the two times when fishes are bountiful and will be much easier to catch.

Getting The Timing And Lake Right

There are certain times of the year when you have to choose lakes for ice fishing. If you are fishing during the early part of the year, it would be best to fish in small lakes. These lakes freeze faster and have a longer fishing season. However, as the winter starts to fire up, you need to move on to larger lakes. These will have a better oxygen supply even during chilly days and hence there will be more active fishes.

Strategic placement of tip-ups

The right depth is very important when it comes to ice fishing. Once you are in the right spot, you will have to drill holes for tip-ups. As a rule of thumb, always spread the holes in locations where you think the fishes would be. Always check out top ice auger reviews to make sure you have the right one. Remember, the conditions are icy and you will have to improvise. Having closer holes will only get you tangled while fishing. You may need a hand auger, which are lighter and easier to carry. On having distant tip-ups, you can spread the bait and the chances of catching more number of fish increases.

Ice fishing is all about keeping things simple. You are not going into the sea to get those big fish. In lakes, you have to be more knowledgeable than simply having the advanced fishing equipment to do the job for you.

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